About Daily Routine


Daily Routine is developed and supported by Jaysen Marais, a self-employed app developer. The app is published under the name of Daily Routine Pty Ltd, an Australian company entirely owned and operated by Jaysen. The 2011-2105 versions of Daily Routine (a separate app now called Daily Routine Classic) were published under Jaysen's personal App Store profile.


Daily Routine is a time management app based on the idea that productivity can be increased and stress reduced by organising your time with a routine comprised of repeating blocks.


Daily Routine Pty Ltd is registered in Australia. Jaysen typically works from home on Australia's eastern coast.


Daily Routine began as a personal time management tool for Jaysen in late 2010. First released as an iOS app in mid-2011, the app gained a small but enthusiastic userbase until being retired in mid 2015. Relaunched with a subscription model in mid 2021, Daily Routine now has the business model and technological foundations to sustain a bright future.


Working as a freelance software developer, Jaysen found it difficult to maintain a steady balance between work and the rest of life. Deciding a routine was the answer, Jaysen was surprised to discover no great routine-building apps on the market and so set about making one.